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ioDriveThe ioDrive series from Fusion-io is targeted at professional/enterprise users. It consists of PCIe x4 with both SLC and MLC flash; there are three capacities – 80GB, 160GB and 320GB – that utilize the considerably more robust, better-performing and more expensive Single-Level Cell technology, and two capacities – 320GB and 640GB – that utilize Multi-Level Cell NAND flash.

Read bandwidth (64kB) ranges from 735MB/s to 770MB/s and write bandwidth (64kB) ranges from 510MB/s to 790MB/s. The read/write IOPS numbers provided by Fusion-io are consistently high regardless of capacity or type of flash memory used. At the 512 byte level it ranges from 93,000 to 145,000 IOPS (from manufacturer’s product page). Latencies are as low as 26μs.

Specifications (160GB SLC):

  • Read Bandwidth (64kB): 770MB/s
  • Write Bandwidth (64kB): 750MB/s
  • Interface: PCI Express x4
  • NAND Type: SLC
  • Controller: Fusion-io
  • Form Factor: PCI Express
  • DRAM Cache: N/A
  • Power Consumption (active): N/A
  • Power Consumption (idle): N/A


Tom’s Hardware

Fusion-io did an amazing job with this product, which is the first flash SSD storage device to deliver truly revolutionary performance.


When it comes to actual server load performance the benchmark numbers are crystal clear. The ioDrive is the fastest drive we have tested


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