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ioDrive Duo

ioDrive DuoThe ioDrive Duo is logically a successor to the original ioDrive and predecessor to the ioDrive Octal. All are part of an enterprise-class series of PCI-Express x4/x8 or PCI Express 2.0 x4-based SSDs from Fusion-io. As the name implies it doubles the storage density and performance over the first ioDrive, and consists several capacities, utilizing both SLC and MLC NAND flash modules. Fusion-io stresses that this is “not an SSD”, but something much more and that it outperforms dozens of SSDs on a single server.

Performance figures are indeed impressive. In addition to improved durability, the two SLC-based drives (320GB and 640GB) offer a read and write bandwidth of 1.5GB/s. Read and write IOPS differs slightly between the different capacities but both exceed 250,000 IOPS. The MLC-based drives, available in 640GB and 1.28TB capacities provide the same read bandwidth as its SLC counterparts but somewhat slower write bandwidth 1.0GB/s for the 640GB model and 1.1GB/s for the 1.28TB. Similarly, read and write IOPS numbers are somewhat lower than in the SLC drives.

Specifications (320GB SLC):

  • Read Bandwidth (64kB): 1.5MB/s
  • Write Bandwidth (64kB): 1.5MB/s
  • Interface: PCI Express x4
  • NAND Type: SLC
  • Controller: Fusion-io
  • Form Factor: PCI Express
  • DRAM Cache: N/A
  • Power Consumption (active): N/A
  • Power Consumption (idle): N/A

Manufacturer product page.

Pricing and Availability:

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