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525 Series

The 525 series are the mSATA versions of Intel’s 520 series of solid state drives. Like the 2.5″ variant, the 525 features SandForce’s SF-2281 controller and 25 nm NAND flash modules. This drive utilizes the SATA III 6 GBps interface and as such, it can reach a maximum sequential read speed of 550 MB/s and a maximum sequential write speed of 520 MB/s while performing at a peak 80,000 IOPS.

The 525 series will be available in capacities of 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 and 240 GB. This drive is projected to be more expensive than the 520 series primarily because of its form factor. The 525 will come with a five year warranty with support forĀ AES 128-bit encryption. Just like other mSATA drives, the 525 series are expected to be used in upcoming laptops and ultrabooks.


  • Sequential Read: Up to 550 MB/second
  • Sequential Write: Up to 520 MB/second
  • NAND type: MLC
  • Interface: mSATA 6 Gbps
  • Controller: SandForce SF-2281
  • Form Factor: 1.8 inch
  • TRIM support: Yes
  • SMART support: Yes
  • Warranty: 5 years



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