The ioDrive series from Fusion-io is targeted at professional/enterprise users. It consists of PCIe x4 with both SLC and MLC flash; there are three capacities – 80GB, 160GB and 320GB – that utilize the considerably more robust, better-performing and more expensive Single-Level Cell technology, and two capacities – 320GB and 640GB – that utilize Multi-Level […]

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ioDrive Octal

The ioDrive Octal from Fusio-IO is currently the fastest storage solution on the market, with read speeds of up to 6,000MB/s and write speeds of up to 4,400MB/s over the PCI Express x16 Gen2.0 interface. It is primarily targeted at professional uses such as server farms and data centers that need to move around data […]

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ioDrive Duo

The ioDrive Duo is logically a successor to the original ioDrive and predecessor to the ioDrive Octal. All are part of an enterprise-class series of PCI-Express x4/x8 or PCI Express 2.0 x4-based SSDs from Fusion-io. As the name implies it doubles the storage density and performance over the first ioDrive, and consists several capacities, utilizing […]

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