Vertex 2 EX

The Vertex 2 EX is the SLC version of OCZ Technology’s Vertex 2. As such, it has ten times the P/E cycles of its MLC counterpart but at equal 4k random writes at 50,000 IOPS. Its sequential read speed is capped at 285 MB/s while its write speed can be as high as 275 MB/s. […]

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Deneva C Series

The Deneva C Series of Solid State Drives constitutes four variants with raw capacities namely 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB. The drives are controlled by SandForce’s SF-1222 controller and have a maximum sequential read/write speeds of 285 MB/s and 275 MB/s respectively. IOPS numbers for random read (4k) is 15,000 and […]

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