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SiliconEdge Blue

Western Digital enters into the SSD world with their SiliconEdge Blue. It harnesses a custom made WD branded controller backed up with a 64 MBWD SiliconEdge Blue SSD DDR2 RAM chip and and 32 double stacked Samsung MLC Flash Modules. The drive is available at capacities of 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB.

The Blue label is Western Digital’s symbol for mainstream SSDs. Other colour schemes include Green (energy efficient) and Black (high performance). Therefore, the SiliconEdge Blue is not the best SSD that WD has to offer. However, the drive still boasts a read of speed of 250 MB/s and a write speed of 170 MB/s. It has a three year warranty and has an operational write limit of 70 GB per day.

The SiliconEdge Blue utilizes advanced wear-leveling algorithms that can prolong the drive’s life and preserve speed by overcoming performance degradation brought about by continual heavy use. It also has advanced error correction technologies and data integrity protection. The drive supports TRIM commands and NCQ.


  • Sequential Read: Up to 250 MB/second
  • Sequential Write: Up to 170 MB/second
  • NAND type: MLC
  • Interface: SATA 2 3GBps
  • Controller: Western Digital
  • Form Factor: 2.5 inches
  • DRAM Cache: 64 MB
  • Power Consumption (Active): 3.5W
  • Power Consumption (Idle): 0.6W
  • TRIM support: Yes
  • SMART support: Yes
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • MTBF: 1,400,000 hours

Part Numbers:

  • 64GB: PP60GS25SSDR
  • 128GB: PP120GS25SSDR
  • 256GB: PP240GS25SSDR



While the SiliconEdge isn’t the fastest drive out there, its current price point makes it the best bang for your buck in its performance range by a good bit. A 3 year warranty offers peace of mind over the long run.


The drive performed right up there with other solid state drives in all of the sequential read tests, which was impressive, but the write tests were not very good at all.  It seemed the drive sort of decided to dive towards the end of some of the tests.


Western Digital’s SiliconEdge Blue is just a bit behind the performance of an Indilinx based SSD. The drive performed relatively well in our tests. TRIM worked as expected under Windows 7. Compared to a standard hard drive it’s great, but so are just about all other SSDs. Given that the Blue isn’t the fastest SSD in the world, what this really boils down to is price.




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