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The S559 is a SandForce SF-1222 powered solid state drive capable of reaching a maximum sequential read speed of 280 MB/s. This SATA II device also boasts a sequential write speed of 270 MB/s and is available in seven capacities. The drive can be bought in 40 GB, 55 GB, 64 GB, 100 GB, 115 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB variants. The IOPS for this SSD at 4K aligned is 50,000.

AData’s S559 contains multi-level cell (MLC) modules. TRIM command for Windows 7 is supported as well as RAID. The drive can withstand a shock of 1500 G similar to most drives with the same form factor. A 3.5 inch adapter is included in the package. The Mean Time Between Failure for the S559 is 1 million hours and has a warranty of three years. This drive has been succeeded by the S510, S511, SP900 and SX900 (SATA III).


  • Sequential Read: Up to 280 MB/second
  • Sequential Write: Up to 270 MB/second
  • NAND type: MLC
  • Interface: SATA 2 3GBps
  • Controller: SandForce SF-1222
  • Form Factor: 2.5 inches
  • DRAM Cache: None
  • Power Consumption (Active): 4.7W
  • Power Consumption (Idle): 0.6W
  • TRIM support: Yes
  • SMART support: Yes
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • MTBF: 1,000,000 hours

Part Numbers:

  • 40 GB: AS599s-40GM-C
  • 55 GB: AS599s-55GM-C
  • 64 GB: AS599s-64GM-C
  • 100 GB: AS599s-100GM-C
  • 115 GB: AS599s-115GM-C
  • 128 GB: AS599s-128GM-C
  • 256 GB: AS599s-256GM-C



Overall A-DATA’s drive is the fastest and cheapest 120-128 GB SSD right now, with leading performance scores and great Performance per Dollar and Performance per GB.


We hand out are hard to earn best hardware award to the ADATA S599, it really is an incredible piece of hardware and pushes SSD performance to a new level.


The A-DATA S599 64GB is large enough as a boot drive for Windows PCs, or could be used to speed up and quieten down a laptop.

Best Prices:

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